Cleanse and Detox

This March, you may feel like your house needs spring cleaning, but what about your body? Even if you eat healthy most of the time, toxic chemicals and harmful substances from those unhealthy moments can build up in your system and cause chronic health problems and disease. All in all, you’re most likely overdue for a good total body cleanse. That’s where we come in! Our Solutions4 Detoxification Kit helps rid your body of toxins and acid build-up!Coupled with the Lemonade Mixture, these supplements will have you feeling right as rain and well on your way to accomplishing your weight loss and health goals.

The kit includes: Body Purifier – an herbal formula to help remove toxins and mucus from your major organs. Intestinal Cleanser – an herbal diuretic that helps rem ve hard encrustations of old fecal matter and restores peristaltic action of the colon. Fiber Blend – Restores dietary fiber to the system and lowers cholesterol.

You can find more detailed information about Solutions4 products on the ClubReduce membership website, at Solutions 4 Product Details, or call us for more information.